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creative and thoughtful

  • Chamindika Wanduragala Sri Lankan American visual artist and arts organizer based in Minneapolis, MN
  • Christy NaMee Eriksen Deft word slinger, organizer, game changer
  • Craig Santos Perez Awesome poet and organizer
  • David Mura Third-generation Japanese American writer, memoirist, poet and performance artist who brings a unique perspective to our multi-racial and multi-cultural society.
  • Douglas Kearney Poet, Performer, Librettist, Educator
  • Ed Bok Lee Author of Real Karaoke People, and Whorled
  • Enforcing the Silence film by tony nguyen
  • Epic Proportions independent, visual communications agency
  • Giles Li amazing poet, inspiring community leader – in short, one of the baddest mother@##$& of all time!
  • Guante's blog National Poetry Slam champ, critically acclaimed MC, diehard activist
  • Ishle Yi Park mother, poet, singer, and soul surfer
  • JaeRan Kim a place to explore, discover, and think aloud about social work practice, research, ethics, theory, education and policy
  • Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based Chinese Taiwanese American spoken word artist
  • Kiwi Illafonte rapper, dj, educator, writer, journalist, activist, bicyclist, novice chef, and i’m good with my hands. oh, and the filipino thing too.
  • little saigon do.
  • Magnetic North Hip-hop duo Derek Kan and Theresa Vu
  • Na Mee's blog Temporarily a Minnesotan, always a Minnesotan – and awesome poet too!
  • Riot in the Sky Sahra Vang Nguyen’s blog – great artist and poet, with a sharp, inquisitive blog
  • Secret Identities the Asian American Superheroes Anthology
  • Sham-e-Ali's blog Great, great poet – and perhaps more importantly, also a great person
  • Swash Design Studio Graphic design studio, founded by Joy Gloria Liu – also the kickass designer and creator of this here site
  • Sylvia La Visual Artist
  • Thursday Poems AK’s kicking a poem a day
  • Toki Wright Activist, Artist, Emcee
  • Uemura Photography Charissa Uemura
  • Yellow Rage Catzie Vilayphonh and Michelle Myers: Philly-based Asian American Female Spoken Word Poets

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